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  • Aging in Place - Dads Day Checkup

    Aaron D. Murphy

    Contact us today to let us know what you noticed.
    Hey everybody, just back from Father's Day weekend and thought I'd check in with you and do a little Dad's Day checkup. Did you notice anything different in your folks' environment? Were you aware, were you present, were you available with your ears, with your heart, with your spirit to enjoy your time with your folks or anybody else that you got together with over the weekend. We had all four of our parents here because we had two high school seniors graduating. And so we had a joint party for them. Mom's moving different. Dad left the hotel room. He's left a mile and a half away from my house dozens of times in the last decade. And I got a text from my mom in the hotel room saying, dad's turning around and coming back to the hotel. He doesn't know where your house is. What did you notice? We have four parents from 74 to 83, two that are on that mental decline, cognitive. Dementia Alzheimer's, we have two that are very, very fragile physically. We've got walkers and canes in the house when they're over to hang out with us and the grandkids might've been my dad's last trip driving wise up here. Mom can't do it. She has to lay down after she gets here for an hour and a half in the hotel room, just after sitting in the car because of her osteoarthritis and sclerosis. Physical stuff. So what did you notice? What is different about your parents? Did you enjoy them? Do you recognize that you're on the clock to get some valuable time, some important memories? I'm Gen X, I'm 50. They're 75 to 83, 74. That might've been the last drive up. What are you doing to capitalize on it? What are you doing to record memories? But also, what are you doing to notice, take note and recognize maybe something's changed. Maybe they're hoarding, maybe they're not throwing things away, maybe they're not bathing the same. Maybe there's no sign that they've used their shower. Take notes, look around. We can do it, we can do it virtually. You can take me around the house with your iPhone or whatever. You can actually even scan in your mom's home and send me a floor plan. That's the cool part about where technology is going. But take notes. Let me know. Comment. Send us an email. Write me, Aaron at Tell me what you saw over the weekend and what might be different and when it might be time to ask for professional help. I've had someone call me from Anchorage, Alaska, say they were coming down for Christmas to the Seattle area, they'd read my book and they said, come to dinner, we'll pay you $500. Tell my mom what I've been telling her 15 years because you're the stranger and therefore you're the expert and you can hand her the book and she'll listen to you. Let us know how we can help you. You know where to find us? Until next time, send me an email. Let me know how Father's Day was.

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