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  • Aging-in-Place ForeverHome: A Trailblazing Vision

    Aaron Murphy

    Architecture and Aging-in-Place expert Aaron Murphy joins Suzanne to talk about his vision for the website in the next three to five years. If you're over 55, look at your home, ask yourself these questions if you want to stay in your home as you get older: Can you navigate around your house when you're older? Are there stairs, can you navigate your bathrooms? If you were in a wheelchair, could you use the bathroom? Could you climb into a slippery bathtub? Do you have proper handrails? Could your home be adapted to you? Yes, it is possible, and there's a great opportunity for architects, designers, and home remodelers to learn how. Murphy is building a one-stop place to visit where you can trust everyone brought onto the team will help you out.

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