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  • Aging in Place - GenX Has the Checks

    Aaron D. Murphy

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    Gen X has the checks. Did you guys know that Generation X is poised to become one of the wealthiest generations in history? Hey, I'm Aaron Murphy, owner of Forever Home. And today we're diving into the immense purchasing power right now of baby boomers, their impact on the economy and the significance of the financial shift about to benefit Gen X.

    We'll also explore why Generation X needs to be streamlined, comprehensive, and very solution-focused with what we offer them in the next decade so they can manage this upcoming wealth transfer. I personally am the poster child of the Sandwich Generation. I have 14-agers in high school right now, two seniors graduating in a week. I have four parents from 74 to 83, with two that are failing mentally and two that are failing physically at the moment. So I get where we're coming from and I get what we need.

    First, let's start with boomers. Baby boomers currently control over 50% of the nation's wealth with significant investments in real estate, equities and consumer goods. Their spending power has long driven, decade as they were adults the marketing the whole market in sectors from housing to health care. Boomers hold a substantial equity in their homes which is the benefit of decades of property value appreciation. If you know the history of that it actually started with the GI Bill coming out of World War II that got people some of their early home ownership as they came home from the war and that was the start of generational wealth. This equity plays a crucial role in their financial stability and will be a big component of the wealth they pass on. If all four of my folks passed today, I know because we're preparing to help them financially with their bookkeeping and be ready to take over if and when needed. If they all passed today, my net worth would triple. So again, we get it. I am that person.

    So the wealth transfer statistic says that baby boomers will pass down approximately 30 trillion, that was a T, trillion in assets over the next few decades, which is expected to be the largest generational wealth transfer in the history of the world. So Gen X stands to inherit this wealth, but many of us are currently juggling the financial responsibilities, like I said, both the aging parents and their own children that are still at home or boomeranging after college or can't find a place they can afford a house.

    So what are our challenges? Dual responsibility, we're caught between supporting both the older and the younger generation. We are stretched thin. We are managing caregiving duties, some of us. We are managing educational expenses like college tuitions and trying in the midst of all that, plan our own retirement. No joke, you guys, right now between music, choir, band, sports, graduations, most of my days, probably six of my seven days a week on a good week is on the go 6 AM to 10 PM.

    So what do you think I need? With all those complex demands, what we need is integrated services. Think about the one-stop shopping that we enjoyed by clicking on Amazon and it lands on my porch. That's what I have time for. We need somebody that handles financial planning, estate management, personal care, all without the need to micromanage and coordinate multiple professionals. There's nothing as a successful business owner and entrepreneur, there's nothing I hate more than babysitting another professional to do their job. I hire you, I expect you to do it, I don't wanna ask you three times.

    Okay, so there's a growing demand for services that offer comprehensive solutions, financial advisors that understand estate planning, health management, investment strategies tailored to that sandwich generation and our unique needs. Such an all-in-one solution not only saves us critical time, but it also ensures that strategic decisions are aligned across all aspects of our finances and our family responsibilities. Think about that for a minute. That's what I want is wraparound services. That's how we got the success we got.

    I took the mindset of be the quarterback and concierge for your client. Do you need a reverse mortgage? I know who to call. Do you need in-home care? I know who to call. Do you need an elder law attorney? I know who to call. I've created the relationships, I vetted that group of people that I call for my clients the thriving in place dream team.

    So as GenX stands on the brink of receiving an unprecedented wealth, that need for effective comprehensive service solutions has never been greater. The right support, which could be you, positioned and marketed correctly, can make the difference between thriving versus merely surviving for the critical transitions of my parents, the baby boomers, and then us too in the next decade as GenX. If you're a GenX, preparing for these changes, start looking for those integrated solutions that can simplify your life.

    My CPA, my financial planner, my attorney, they communicate regularly. Planning now will help us to ensure that we maximize the benefits and the outcome of holding onto that general what generational wealth transfer. Please be the quarterback and the concierge for your clients.

    Thank you for watching. If you like what we're saying here, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and make sure you go to and make sure you are signed up for our newsletter. We've got some unique opportunities coming up. Outside our coursework, we have 36 trainings available for the small business owner that wants to understand how to do this. And outside of that, we're starting to do some joint webinars and you will get that information if you are a newsletter subscriber. Until then, keep being successful, keep making a difference, affect more change for more people in your community.

    That's what we do here at ForeverHome and we'll hope you join us. Thanks.

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