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  • ForeverHome Unplugged - The Regret of Missed Opportunity for Aging in Place

    Aaron D. Murphy

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    Hey guys, Aaron Murphy at Forever Home. This one's personal and I'm going unplugged off script. I just got an email this morning from a client, three adult children who had had us out to do a full home assessment for the 87 and 88 year old parents that wanted to age in place. And I just wanted to read, obviously, Keep this anonymous, first name only. Hi, Aaron, I was just about to send you an email and I'm in the background today working on the deliverables for their full home house assessment that we met with them on December about. Anyway, I continue. Earlier this week, my mom fell as a result of a heart issue and has been in the hospital. Outside of heart issues, today the doctor and the social worker told us that her dementia is at a point where she should be in some type of memory care living situation. Here's the part that makes my eyes well up. It is unfortunate that I did not start this conversation with them a year ago. We're now figuring out housing for them. And then goes on related to logistics for he and I. This is the adult child, mid to late 50s. I was at the kitchen table in December with both parents and all three adult children having a fantastic conversation about how to look at main floor living, which this house had no bedroom, no bathroom on the main floor. But this is the email I get today. This is the cost of if not. This is the cost of I'm too busy. This is the cost of denial is that we ran out of time. We knew that she was starting to have dementia stuff. We knew that she had had a couple of smaller spills at home. That's why I was there. But the time it takes to peel the onion, get to real truths, get to real pains, real dreams that are three layers deep in a conversation, that is not overnight. I mean, listen to his words. It is unfortunate that I did not start this conversation with them a year or more ago. Now I deal with calls like this once a month at a minimum where we'd started down a road and then the road pivots for the client. Please, please, please, please, please, please. Don't let this happen to you. Call us, call somebody like us. Start a conversation today. Best time to plant a tree was yesterday. Next best time is today. Or what? Best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago? Tomorrow just means you're starting late. Get ahold of us if you need more information, get ahold of us if you need us to guide the conversation as an aging in place specialist, a licensed architect, somebody that's synonymous with this term in our own Tri-County area. That's why we got this client referral. Somebody knows what we do and that we're the best at it. And that's what we're teaching business owners. But for today, I just wanted you to understand as the homeowner, the family member, please, please start talking about aging in place now. So that you're not sending this email to me about how you missed the window and now you're out of time and you're out of options. And everybody's life just got a little smaller and narrower and scarier. And we have three young adults or adult children who will spend 30 years questioning or regretting or wondering what if, what could I have done different? Please don't let that be you. Get ahold of us, Ask for me, set up a meeting, plenty of places to click and find out how to connect with me on the website take care of your family. We'll talk soon.

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