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  • How Architects Help with Aging in Comfort

    Aaron Murphy

    People live longer than they used to and stay in the workforce longer. As they age, their needs change, and their living space needs to reflect their new reality. The smart move is to prepare your home ahead of time, really, as soon as you find the last home that you’ll own. Wider doorways, easier-opening doors, and safer bathrooms make life easier as your accessibility dwindles, and you slow down. Consider enlisting a specialist so you don’t end up a prisoner in your own home, unable to live your daily life and enjoy your golden years.

    Our guest Aaron Murphy, owner of ADM Architecture, is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist serving the Seattle area. After witnessing his grandmother unable to live comfortably in her home after an illness, Aaron knew he had to make a difference for the elderly. He started his career in architecture and now he owns a firm dedicated to improving the quality of life for his clients. As medical and technological advances prolong our lives, creating safe and comfortable living spaces that adapt to our aging bodies and minds is crucial. Talking with an expert like Aaron is a great way to extend your independence and reduce your stay in a care home.

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