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  • Why ForeverHome is for YOU (B2B)

    Aaron D. Murphy

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    Hey everybody, Aaron Murphy, founder of ForeverHome. I just wanted to give you a little background on why I'm here and why you should care. Because this matters, aging in place matters to all of us in the years ahead. Matters to you, matters to your family, your loved ones, matters to your future with this new longevity we're all facing. I just wanted to tell you why I started Forever Home. I started this company and the mission behind it for a few reasons. And I didn't need to. I had to. My joke to my wife is that my midlife crisis didn't involve a Ferrari or a 20-year-old girlfriend, but did involve another LLC. This is about my legacy. I'm an architect. I've been an architect for 27 years in the Seattle area. But beyond just my kids in the backseat with their friends pointing at the bank or driving down a road and saying, hey, my dad did that, there was more to it for me. I need to move the aging in place needle nationwide. I saw my grandmother go through this. That's how we got into it. My grandma was five-nine, traveling the world, playing bridge at a master's level when I went off to the University of Washington. When I got done with school, she was five foot two trapped in a hospital bed in the living room and didn't know Carl's name. That was a split-level house in Portland, Oregon that was broken for what she needed. I also saw the cost of ‘if not.’ Bought a car off Craig's List and two 63 year olds brought me a car in my early 30s. I said, who's that? They said, mom, she's 92. Oh, where does she live? Down the road at an assisted living facility. And I said, I'm doing a little homework. Do you mind if I ask what that cost? They said $150,000 out of pocket and 10 grand a month. When I put all this together, I knew that I had to do Aging in Place as our niche at my architecture firm. Now the result, 15 years later is that we've gone from a two-person firm doing $100,000 a year to a 12 to 17 person firm that can flex with staff and does over a million dollars a year. That's where I came back to this and said, I have to teach. This is based on my sincere desire to share my passion and expand the reach. Especially for small business owners specifically, about how to bring value to your community and scale your company as a result. I've done 2 million square feet of commercial architecture and residential housing design. I know what the ADA code is or ANSI or whatever for accessibility in public spaces. I've already done all this. I could have just stayed in architecture for another 10 years and retired, but I had to share. I want to show you how to do what we've done. I spent 15 years speaking on stages B2C for anyone who had listened, Rotary, Kiwanis, Chamber, then the home show, then the Seattle home show, then a state BIAW. I've done it from Chicago to Tokyo, and now we do it B2B. I've packaged our personal system, the AIP to ROI Mastery Blueprint. That took me 15 years to hone in on and I packaged it for you so that you can learn and implement in three, six, 12 months, what took me a decade and a half to figure out. Let us train you to own your niche. Let us teach you how to become your local expert. Become synonymous like I am with the term aging in place in a Tri-County area. That's what we have available to you at ForeverHome. You can do a DIY coursework and certification. We have four areas of study, 12 modules, 36 training classes. You can do it at your own pace. You can work in small groups with me, group coaching. You can work one-on-one with me, just whatever your budget needs and the pace that you want and accountability and progress to move the needle in your company. Everybody's looking for answers with this right now. People are turning 65 at a rate of 10,000 people a day. That's been happening since 2011. You already know this. It's your parents. It's your aunt and uncle. Everyone's got a story just like I do. But if 90% of people, according to AARP, want to stay home they're looking for solutions and baby boomers and their adult children are the buying power of the next 20 or 30 years. That's why we wanna teach you how to capitalize on this and become your expert so that you can be the leader for home modifications in your city, town, county. So just wanna give you a little background and context for why I'm so passionate. I wanna share our expertise in this industry space. Get ahold of me if you want to have us as your coach. We'd love to share how we did it and help you do it quicker than we did. Cheers to your success.

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