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  • You ONLY Sell Two Things. Period.

    Aaron D. Murphy

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    You only sell two things in life, a dream come true or a pain avoided. To quote Bernard Luicio, that's a hard last name to say, we're selling dreams, we're merchants of happiness. Welcome to our B2B Forever Home, Coaching Tidbits, Tips and Tricks. Did you realize that every successful sale fundamentally sells one of two things? A dream come true or a pain avoided? The reason this matters is because one of the things we talk about in our AIP to ROI Mastery Blueprint is the languaging of sales and that's actually one we cover in module three, lesson one, if you've been to our website on certification coursework. Think about this for aging in place. Think about it for the adult child of the boomer consumer. Think about what it means when you're selling your services to be talking about that dream. Talk about independence, comfort, security, safety, peace of mind. Think about smart home tech, if that's one of the things you recommend in home mods, the importance of the feeling. I just did a presentation on Saturday and we just actually got a testimonial back and she said, I cried. She said, it actually brought me to tears. I have sat in rooms with 87, 88-year-olds, three adult children at the kitchen table. I held mom's hand in tears. I put my hand on dad's hand and he and I laughed. We joked about, nah, screw the kids. Let's design this house for you and your future and your vision. And they're getting the house frame clear. They can fix it later if they want to sell it. The languaging matters and being able to tell anecdotal stories matters. Having examples of other clients like I just gave you allows you to have credibility and clout as an expert while you are gaining trust and rapport. Also think about going the other route, the pain avoided. The cost of if not. What is the outcome and how have anecdotal stories? I've got that one too. I had a client where we had designed their main floor of a tri-level home in Seattle, Washington. And by the time we had redesigned it, unfortunately mom had fallen again and she was off to assisted living and we never got to do the construction project. Be empathetic while you're giving these examples. Whether you're playing on the dream or you're playing on the fear, you gotta do a little bit of both, but show that empathy. And then talk about the return on investment. That's where you get to talk about the cost of if not. We can remodel your house. Yeah, maybe it costs $50,000 to put an elevator in but that's only five months of assisted living if you want a private room in some states at 10 grand a month. So make sure you've practiced. Practice your sales pitch, practice your elevator speech. Okay, those are the things you wanna get used to until it is muscle memory. Do it in the mirror, see if you're talking too fast or too slow. This is all a part of good sales tactics and it really matters with the boomer consumer. So stay in touch with us. This is the start of our series. I think this is our second one. Doing the B2B of AIP, the business of aging in place for the consumer to get the best of us as the business owner who was working to solve problems in this new longevity. For more on what we're doing over at ForeverHome, you can visit our website, If you're interested in our coursework or coaching, you can find both those things available on our website and get in touch with us. There's also a way that you can just, if you're curious, get on a 20-minute call with me and explore whether the coursework or the coaching is right for you and what level you would be ready for. Until next time, enjoy the tips and tricks, and please keep going out and making a difference as a small business owner in the aging in place sector. Take care.

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