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  • Your Sex Life Is Over, Mom's Moving In

    Aaron Murphy

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    Your sex life is over. Mom's moving in. Hi, this is Aaron Murphy again, owner of Forever Home. You can find us online at foreverhome us. com. I know, I know. The title's a little edgy, but I did get your attention, right? You can't deny that many people are unwilling to talk about some of the potential realities of aging in place, especially something as private as your intimate life. 

    the topic of sex, but I'm willing to talk about it. Why? Because it is a potential reality of not planning ahead for one of the possible outcomes of an aging in place solution for your family. Multigenerational housing, as it's being referred to nowadays, is on the rise. You can come about this in a few different ways today. 

    Part of the equation could be economic, where the current kids are staying home longer or coming back on a boomerang after college because of a lack of work or cost of living. Versus their income potential, maybe that doesn't equate to independent living for our young adults. The other part of the potential 3 generation home is the silver tsunami 10, 000 people turning 65 every day, which started way back in January of 2011. 

    Decisions about where our folks should live as they get older, those baby boomers, their parents, and then the kids of the boomers, like myself, deciding about my folks here in the year ahead and years ahead and their ability, their ability to stay independent is going to change over time and deciding if they live alone or if they need to live with you or live in a facility of some sort, that's all going to come to the surface right here in the near future. 

    Thank you. First, it's going to happen for their folks, and then eventually it's going to happen for me with my folks. So, historically, most other countries and many of the Asian culture have smart housing solutions that were designed for centuries around the central courtyard with a home style building of 3 or 4 around the courtyard kind of cottage style. 

    that was open in the middle, where kids and parents and grandparents all lived on one property in separate houses, but cooked and cared for their elders and the kids in a communal village style, even four generations sometimes contributing to the land. But here, the American dream of single family housing, one house per property parcel, the concept of communal living has been It's been traded in for that piece of the pie pursuit, the ownership of land, and yet it appears maybe we need to be hearkening back and looking back at centuries past. 

    Lessons worth relearning. The sandwich generation as we're being called, still have children at home. I have four teenagers right now, um, or coming back home for those young adults returning from college. And then I also have parents that are starting to need help with their ADLs, the activities of daily living, that's an occupational therapist term. 

    We have a 82, a 79, and. 73, 74. Those are our parents ages. The end result could be three generations in your home. Are you prepared for that? Have you planned ahead for the possibility and how to make that work for everyone that might be involved? You should think about it. It can make all the difference in the years ahead and your happiness, but honestly, we're moving quickly into these decades where that silver tsunami of 10, 000 people every day is crashing on our shores. 

    We may have grandparents moving in with parents moving in with kids again, maybe economy based, but more likely it's the simple fact that the vast majority of us really would prefer AARP polls included, not going to assisted living or some other solution. They want to be in home. Home is where their heart and their happiness and their memories. 

    Are, and that's where family is. So, there's going to be a large majority that can't afford the amount of professional nursing home or medical care, whether it's in a facility or in their house. Then what? Well, maybe it means we're starting to have a conversation about our folks moving in. It might meet the budget, might meet the constraints of the family. 

    In the real needs of a parent, what does that end result look like? You're taking care of your parents in your home. Where's that new additional master on the main floor going to go? Where's that second bedroom that has the attached bathroom for privacy, that en suite or junior suite going to be? Have you thought about how you can maintain some personal privacy, happiness, slash intimacy in a personal life? 

    In this situation, what if mom's wandering the halls at different hours of the day and night? What if she's having early signs of dementia and forgets which doorknob is hers on the way back from the bathroom? What if she turns the wrong direction in the hallway and turns your doorknob? I know. It won't happen to your family. 

    I hear that story every day in what I do. This will never become your reality. These things happen to someone else, right? Just like every other statistic that you'll never be until you become one. There will be a discussion to be had in the near future about your family in the next few years or decades. 

    Are you ready? Have you planned for it? Maybe a shed, or an ADU, or a mother in law unit could make all the difference in your future, your life, your happiness, and your own all, even with mom or dad. So stay updated to date on all our current tips, tricks, and trends around aging in place. For successful housing solutions and outcomes for the 50 plus demographic and our new longevity forecast, go to foreverhome us. 

    com and subscribe today. If you found this video to be valuable, please help us spread the word by clicking like like that's the thumbs up button in YouTube and subscribe to our channel as well. We'd appreciate it. We'll keep training the nation on aging in place in a real world way with real talk that's understandable and digestible for consumers, and we'll keep teaching business owners how to own your niche. 

    With the 50 plus marketplace with our signature online coaching programs, we'll talk to you again soon in the meantime. Hey, small business owners, if you're in the aging in place or universal design space for home solutions in the 50 plus market. Don't forget, learn it, hone it, work it, own it. Until next time, I'm Aaron Murphy, owner of Forever Home, signing off. 

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